If your Polygraph Instrument is not functioning to
 specifications or you are experiencing operating problems 
then it time to contact us.


Our "World Class" service will have your Polygraph Instrument back to 
full factory specification in days not weeks. 
We offer our customers with highest
 quality service using original manufacture replacement parts.   


Here's  just a few of the standard maintenance functions we
perform on all our serviced Polygraph Instruments.


Replace defective tubing throughout

Lubricate all parts where necessary

Clean and align recording pens

Remove excess chart Inks inside and out

Wipe down all surfaces

Adjust Recording Pen travel and gain

Check Power supply regulation and output

Check Kymograph operation and timing

Check and adjust spymonometer accuracy


 Don't allow Polygraph Instrument malfunctions to ruin your day, 
with our full line service you can be confident your instrument
 will perform worry free.  " For Years "


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