MODEL 76056


The Lafayette Model 76056 displayed here was first introduced by Lafayette Instrument Company of Lafayette, Indiana in 1972. The 76056 was considered to be the most popular instrument introduced at the time, with double pneumographs, G.S.R., Electro-Cardio, and a top-mounted pnuematic stimulus marker. The mechanical pneumos featured stainless steel shafts with a sapphire olive ring, and bombe jewel bearings for increased sensitivity. The solid state G.S.R. on the Model 76056 is linear from 1 to 1,000,000 ohms in automatic or manual mode. The newly designed pens had a increased sweep of 5.75 inches. The newly designed electro-cardio provided quality records at low cuff pressure. This instrument also incorporated a precision friction paper drive, pen lifter bar and paper well which permitted easy chart replacement.

Lafayette Instrument Company boasted that their Model 76056 was very modular, which allowed for easy field replacement components. This polygraph instrument was lightweight, and enclosed in a sturdy Haliburton case, which also had in the case accessory storage.

The Model 76056 was priced at $2148.00 dollars, and was available with an optional carrying case for $28.00 dollars. This instrument was used in Texas until early in 1981.

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